When Adri booked her sessions with me, she booked a fitness session, a swimsuit session, and one for her family, specifically for her Grannies. We also decided to split the family session in two, to have a bit of fun with her and Danie in a mini couple session. Especially after the magic we had last year with their couple session. 😍
Not long after, I had a very pleasant message from Danie, saying he wanted to surprise Adri at the family/couple session and propose to her.
I was absolutely ecstatic for them and immediately started planning the ‘how’.
Needless to say, it was a huge success! After having some fun with Adri’s parents and grannies, I started with their couple part and Danie asked the big question! Obviously, she said “Yes”! 😉😍
Adri & Danie, you two are amazing people, meant to be together!
Stay as true as you are, as spontaneous as you are, and keep on smiling as you do and keep on loving each other as you have!
Thank you so much for allowing me to be a witness to this amazing love story! 💗

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