On this very special leap year day, I had the privilege to capture the love and devotion of Alicia and Rick. It was a very windy day and we ate a lot of sand, but not even the wind could blow this love away.
In the speeches, they joked about the bridezilla present, but I have to admit that apparently I have not met the same bride they did 😉 Alicia was amazing, she was such a beautiful bride. When I think of her all I remember was the big smiles, some nervous ones here and there, but all in all, we had lots of fun. Thank you that I could have a small part in this special day.
Rick and Alicia, may you spend the rest of your days, truly happy and as much in love as you were today! Enjoy your honeymoon boat trip!!
A special thank you to Lesley, the MC, who co-ordinated the day so well 😉 and to the bridesmaids who helped us so much in between.

Service Providers:
Venue: Santos Express – Mossel Bay

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