Its your special day and the room where your getting ready is where it all start to get real. Some are nervous and some are excited, but this is the moment you have been waiting for. It has to be perfect! As your photographer this is where I will usually start my day with you and not only do I want to take perfect photos for you, I also want to make the entire experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

At this moment in my life (2018) I have been to 74 weddings where I either photographed the wedding myself, was a second-shooter or assisted another photographer. And witnessing that many “I  do’s” really does learn you a thing or two about what could have been an easier way to do something. So here are just a few tips I have picked up over the years of how you can make your preparation shoot easier, flawless and enjoyable for yourself and your photographer.

This is also usually the spot where the photographer arrives in your day and from the get go I would like to make it as easy on you as possible. But there are a few things you can do to make it easier and to ensure that you get the best out of your ‘getting ready’ photos.

  • Try to choose the room in which you will get dressed with the most natural light. Natural light will ensure better quality photos and is so much more flattering. It also creates a soft ambiance that especially in the brides room can add to a more romantic feeling.
    If indoors don’t work, we can always move outdoors. Then I would suggest that you choose a room far away from prying eyes that are not allowed to see you before the wedding.
  • Try and declutter and clean your rooms as much as possible before the photographer arrives. Usually there is a lot is going on, but try and put all the little unneeded stuff away. The cleaner look is the one you want, we don’t want the focus away from the lovely bride or handsome groom
  • If you want the photographer to photograph the rings, make sure that the rings (both/all) are at either the bride or groom and available for photographing.


Many grooms don’t like this part where they are put on the spot, but I can promise you that these are where the memories start and so worth it. After all, the groom should have his moment to shine as well 😉

  • Make sure you and your groomsmen are all showered by the time the photographer gets there. They would have arranged with you beforehand how far you should be dressed into your attire, but usually its just pants and shirt. The rest is filmed as you put it on.
    Groomsman can usually be fully dressed unless there is something special, like special socks or gifts that they need to put on in front of the camera.
  • Try to have the room as clean as possible, try and put away travel bags, even if they are just stored in the bathroom while the photos are taken.

  • Try and have it arranged that your bridesmaids are finished with their hair and make up by die time the photographer arrives and that the makeup/hair artist only focus on you (bride) at this time. It is very unflattering when we have to start dressing the bride and there is still a bridesmaid not finished with her hair and makeup or even missing in the photos.
  • Ask a bridesmaid to gather all your detail (perfume, jewelry, shoes, garter, etc.) hand it over to photographer when we arrive, usually this is the first thing we photograph and its so much easier when everything is together.
  • Make sure you have a nice, preferably wooden, hanger for your dress to hang on. This tiny detail make a huge difference on the photos.

Other small things that don’t necessarily effect the photos, but which will make the preparations easier for you is some of the following:

  • Make sure there are scissors in the room. There will always be a tag somewhere that still hasn’t been taken off or just a little thread hanging where it didn’t hang before. Having to hunt down a scissor is usually a very frustrating task and easily upset and delay the preparation process.
  • Make sure you have a towel nearby to dry off your flowers before you bring it near your dress. No one wants wilted flowers so its natural to keep them in water for as long as possible. But we don’t want any of those water drops on your beautiful dress. So keep a towel close by and make sure everything is nice and dry before you take your flowers.

I hope these tips will help you.
Enjoy planning your wedding. Its such a memorable day!
If you have any other questions or even suggestions, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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