Louis and Andri vowed their love to each other at Gourikwa Nature Reserve. Although it was a very cold day and rain threatened to shower us with dark clouds, the love was warm and welcome.

This was also my and Michelle’s 4th year anniversary wedding!! 4 Years ago she invited me to go with her to a wedding for the first time and wow what a journey it has been so far! Michelle you are an inspiration through and through. I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much for always being willing to help me with my silly mistakes and kind words of encouragement. You mean the world to me!

* In April 2014 a very talented and super nice professional photographer, Michelle van Staden of Michelle Photography, gave me the wonderful opportunity to become her assistant. This was another Wedding that I assisted Michelle Photography. All the photos on this page are photos taken during one of those photoshoots. It is a photoshoot where she was hired and I would assist her. All of these are photo’s that I took from the sideline while she was busy with her client, and are mainly taken for myself and for practice.*

Service Providers:
Venue: Gourikwa Nature Reserve
Main Photographer: Michelle Photography
Assistant photographer: Adele van Zyl

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