Handre is my precious little boy and he had his 1st birthday.

Besides my passion and love for photography, I also absolutely love to have a birthday party for my kids. I always wanted to have a pirate party for one of them and the opportunity never arrived with my eldest, so I took this chance and made it the theme for my youngest.

We also did his Cake Smash shoot here.

We had an Aaarghhh good time!
I made some games for the kids to enjoy and instead of giving them goody bags full of sweets already, I gave them empty treasure chests. Yup you heard it empty. They had to fill it up playing the games. Once a game is completed they can get some candy or chips to place in their treasure chest as each game station.
I had Treasure hunt – each child was given a specific list of items they had to dig and find in the sand.
Hungry Pirate – they had to feed the pirate by throwing the balls into his mouth.
Hook Toss – Throwing the rings onto the hooks.
Hit that Can – I made some beanbags so they can target practice on the cans.
Walk the Plank – with dangerous sharks swimming about!
Brave Pirate – this was my favorite of the day. The kids cant see what is inside the box. So they had to stick their hands in it and grab a gold coin. Ive added some slimy noodles in the one and ice in the other. Since your not sure whats inside some quickly jerk their hands out in shock of what they feel. It was great fun to see how everyone reacted and even the grownups had some fun.

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