Wow, where to start…
When I met Liezl & Mia I was very nervous and very excited. They would be my first same-gender wedding and I wanted it to be perfect from my side. So I was open and honest with them, asking my questions and hoped they took it well… and was I surprised! They were so easy to talk to and we had a wonderful time. I walked away from the meeting feeling as if I added two new friends to my friendslist 🙂
On their special day, they promised their love for each other in front of family and friends at Reed Valley, Mossel Bay.
To me, it was so special to see two people, who will probably get “looks” in some places, love each other so much! A love that said, “nothing else matters, but you”.
Liezl & Mia, it was an absolute pleasure being your photographer for the day. I had tons of fun. You are two amazing women, may your love for each other make you stronger together. May you be happy together and always shine as bright as you do!

Service Providers:
Reed Valley
Wedding Planners: CW Weddings
Make-Up: Jo-Ann Rossouw
Hair: Danika from Neo Hair
Assistant Photographer: Leone Grobler

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