On Monday, 17 December 2018, I experienced real love, love so pure that there are no words to truly describe it.
The way Brian and Charmaine love each other was such an inspiration for me, in so many ways.
It was the union of two hearts beating as one.
Their love story is one that will give you tears in your eyes and wish that you had their kind of love. It is love at its best, the kind you get when two people love each other with mind, body and soul in the presence of their Lord.
Charmaine & Brian, may your love for each other be an inspiration to everyone you meet. May your life together be one big adventure. May the road you walk together lead you to so much joy. May your kisses never become boring. May you love each other forever.

Venue: Beyond the Moon
Catering: Spitbraaiperfect
Sound: SND Productions
Videographer: JVS Productions

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